Manufacturer of baby crib bedding and baby products

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We are the manufacturer of baby crib bedding and baby products.

We provide wholesale and retail.
All our products are distinguished by high quality.
If you are interested in retail visit our online store or our auctions at allegro.

We invite to cooperation companies from both - Poland and abroad.

To receive an offer for wholesale, please send us the NIP number of your company (tax identification number)
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We invite to cooperation
traditional shops, online stores as well as wholesalers.

Our offer

Baby crib bedding

We offer baby crib bedding with protectors in size 120x90, 135x100. We offer several collections of Bedlinens sets in different colors and designs.

Protectors for the crib

We offer different types of protectors on the entire length of the cribs to the bedlinens sets. There are two-pieces type, modular, short and made of Minky materials. Protectors are designed for cribs 120x60 or 140x70.

Baby cocoons

Cocoons for babies

Sleeping bags

We offer sleeping bags for babies. The sleeping bags are available in sizes 80 cm 90 cm 100 cm 110 cm

Linen fillings

Antiallergic fillings - pillow and quilt filling in sizes 120x90, 135x100, 140x200, matching our bedding sets.

Winter sleeping bags

Winter sleeping bags for a stroller, sheep wool type seat in sizes 90, 110, 120 cm. A wide range of colors

Corners, wraps

Corners, wraps, a wide selection of patterns and colors for bedding sets, made of cotton or combined with MINKY material. The color sets match our bedding designs.

Stroller inserts

We offer inserts for strollers with a pillow in a wide range of colors

Our offer




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